Proudly supplying some of the best houses in Montreal...

Who are we?

La Croqueteria de Montreal takes pride in being the first kitchen dedicated to traditional Spanish croquette production in Canada, with a history dating back to 2017 when we established ourselves in Montreal.

While we have streamlined our in-store menu, we maintain a diverse repertoire, supplying croquettes to various restaurants in this province. Our philosophy revolves around quality, using consistently premium, organic, and seasonal ingredients. We consider the quality of our products as our hallmark.

We specialize in crafting artisanal croquettes following the Spanish tradition, but we also offer varieties with a local twist. All our croquettes begin with a base of béchamel, achieving that creamy interior and crispy exterior that characterize authentic croquettes.

Our commitment is to delight our customers while preserving the legacy of Spanish croquettes. We consider ourselves ambassadors of this delicious dish and take pride in bringing it to Canada.

Who's behind the concept?

Luis León, known as chef Tigretón, is a chef originally from a small village in the Catalan Pyrenees.

With three decades dedicated to gastronomy, he has taken his culinary passion to four different countries, understanding cooking not only as a profession, but as a way of life.

He has lived and trained in places as diverse as Spain, England, the United States and Canada. In iconic cities such as Madrid, London and New York, and also in small hidden villages that are home to amazing restaurants.

Specialising in traditional Catalan and Spanish cuisine, Luis has combined his learning with influences from the different places where he has lived, fusing diverse gastronomic cultures.

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4520A Av. du Parc, Montreal, QC

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