The croquetas listed below are available at La Croqueteria Parc, at 4520 A Park Ave.
This is our production kitchen. (see on map)

Jamón Serrano
18 months dry-aged, Serrano ham from Salamanca, (ESP).
Garlic Shrimp
Garlic from QC, Nordic shrimps from La Gaspesie, cooked in lobster broth.
Cheddar cheese
Croqueta of the Week
Each season gifts us with fresh products that inspire our recipes. Dare to discover the flavour of the moment? We promise an unforgettable culinary experience!
Crema Catalana
Traditional Catalan dessert infused in orange, lemon and cinammon.
OMLT - Spanish Tortilla
Weighing a generous one kilogram, OMLT’s authentic Spanish tortilla makes a delicious breakfast, lunch or brunch to share. This dish is one of the most traditional and renowned components of Spanish cuisine.
Fuet Catalán
Traditional dry catalán sausage made with the organic meat of our farmer’s partners in Saint-Gervais. It's not always available, so buy it while it's there. Contact us to check if it's available!
White anchovie (boquerón), pickled (piparra) peppers and Gordal olives served in a skewer.
A ham croquette in burger format, build on fresh Ingredients and grilled brioche bread from Hof Kelsten,
OMLT & Alioli
A delicious potato omelette made to order, served with all i oli on toasted brioche bread from Hof Kelsten.
(Fermented Lemonade) This delicious fermented lemonade is the perfect accompaniment to a box of croquetas! (0.5L) Both as a refreshing drink and because of its probiotic properties and some cocktail recipes. It is a natural and original drink that will always delight those who taste it.
Café Limón
Fermented Lemonade with a touch of Coffee! Vitamin C + Caffeine, a natural energizer! (0.5L)

Prices and choices are subject to change without notice.