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Jamón Serrano
Probably our best known and most popular croqueta: The jamón serrano! Made from Spanish hams cured for 18 months, this gastronomic marvel leaves no one unsatisfied.
Suggested Pairing: Quebec blanc, Arinto, Saint Véran, Graves (Cht Haut-Brion), Rioja.
Pure Mexican flavors. Corn and poblano pepper. Sweet and spicy. A fantastic vegetarian option.
Suggested Pairing: Albarino, rouge Quebec, garnacha, viognier Australia.
Garlic Shrimp
A classic Spanish dish, shrimp with garlic. Parsley fried garlic pairs well with Matan's shrimp.
Suggested Pairing: Regal D'automne, (Frontenac Gris), Chardonnay South, Rosé de Provence.
Aged Cheddar
It's a simple, humble croqueta that everyone loves. Sometimes less is more.
Suggested Pairing: Le cidre, blanc Québec (Frontenac Blanc, Vidal), Mencia de Bierzo.
Pollo Loco
Capon chicken and guajillo pepper. Probably our most loca croquetta!
Suggested Pairing: Paloma (fresca grapefruit), Malbec, Saint Véran, Grillo.
Txistorra & Quince
We are particularly proud of these croquettes. Made from the meat of the best pigs in Quebec in a recipe from the Basque Country. Its hints of paprika mingle with the sweetness of quince.
Suggested Pairing: Le cidre, jura chardonnay vin, orange wine, trousseau, Hermitage.
Squid Ink
The ink has a special power, like a seductive effect on the most daring gourmets. Its smoky yet silky touch will transport you to any tavern in the Basque Country.
Suggested Pairing: Albarino, bierzo, Chardonnay Lnaguedoc.
Pig Ear
Hear ye! Hear ye! This moist croqueta, with a creamy, crunchy filling, is made with organic pork ears from Qc. and aji sauce "Charapita", a type of pepper from the Peruvian Amazon, is our latest addition to the croquette family.
Suggested Pairing: -
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Roasted tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and fresh basil. Identical to pizza, but croqueta style.
Suggested Pairing: Vermentino, Garnacha, Chianti (Sangiovese).
Cod & ...
We believe in the versatility of cod. It would be a waste to cook it in only one way.
Suggested Pairing: Albarino, vino verdhe, pinot noir, Syrah.
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Hawaiian pizza has a pretty exclusive power, whether you love it or hate it. At La Croqueteria, we've worked hard to make you love it. It's very rich.
Suggested Pairing: Cambucha, Australian viognier, torrontes Argentina, Québec (Frontenac Gris).
Never before seen, a croquette worthy of our supreme leader ! The cheese kimchi.
Suggested Pairing: Garnacha, rouge Quebecois, Grûner Vetliner d’Autriche.
Blood Pudding
We work hand in hand with small producers. Among them, a family of farmers who own a small pig farm in northern Quebec. They bring us blood, and we make blood pudding. From there, and with a traditional recipe from the Burgos region in Spain, we make our blood pudding from rice.
Suggested Pairing: Syrah, le cidre, bière.
Smoked Meat & Gruyère
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Two Montreal staples combined in one croqueta. Smoked meat from Mtl, and Gruyere cheese from Plateau, thanks to our friends of La Vieille Europe. Best European epicerie in town, hands down. This croqueta has roots!
Suggested Pairing: Rioja, lager, Chateauneuf du Pâpe.
Blue Cheese Valdeón with ...
Valdeón cheese is one of the most emblematic cheeses of the Picos de Europa in Asturias. A mixture of milk from goat, sheep and cow, cooked with candied garlic from Quebec in Iberian ham fat. As you can see, we are not kidding at the Croqueteria of Montreal.
Suggested Pairing: Quebecois red, albarino, Cabernet Franc Ontario.
Spicy Crab
Wild caught Atlantic crab mixed with Kochujang paste.
Suggested Pairing: Beer Estrella (Malta Y arroz), Chardonnay North, Albarino, Montrachet, Blanc de Blancs.
Pipirrana Murciana
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More Mediterranean and North African flavors. Roasted peppers with tomatoes, cumin, garlic... it's a flavor I grew up with. My dear Aunt Camino made sure that in the summer there was always a tray of Pipirrana in the refrigerator. The flavors of nostalgia.
Suggested Pairing: Bordeaux, Rioja, Cabernet sauvignon et Sauvignon Blanc.
Poblano, Gouda & Miel
Poblano peppers, slightly spicy, previously burned on the fire to extract that smokiness, Lavender honey to correct the bitterness, and Gouda goat cheese, to enrich the silky texture. Slightly spicy & unctuous. This vegetarian Croqueta will be part of our menu for a limited period. Till the end of the season. Nex summer, we'll see if it comes back ;) *Suggested wine pairing & image, coming up soon :)
Suggested Pairing:
With great pride we have created this new croqueta as a show of eternal love to this city! Smoked meat, Gherkins and Mustard, just like at your favourite hebrew place ;)
Suggested Pairing:


Leche Merengada
In Madrid, the meringue milk ice cream is a classic. An infusion of milk, cinnamon and lemon with a sweet touch. Exquisite!
Suggested Pairing: Rum and coffee.
Almond Nougat Cocoa
One of the most emblematic desserts of Spain is the nougat, and that of Jijona takes the cake!
Suggested Pairing: Rum and coffee.
The Munchie
Our most decadent croqueta to date. Dulce de leche, preserved lemons and coconut. This tastes like hot fudge and key lime pie! Especially for those times when your body is screaming for a sugar rush!
Suggested Pairing: Riesling Ontario, Limoncello, Creme de cassis les vallons de Wadleigh, cidre de glace, rum


Fermented Lemonade (0.5l)
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$7.50 - This delicious fermented lemonade is the perfect accompaniment to a box of croquetas!
Fermented Lemonade (1l)
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$13.50 - This delicious fermented lemonade is the perfect accompaniment to a box of croquetas!
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