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Jamón Serrano

$2.70 | $15.65 (x6) | $30.65 (x12)

12 months aged, Serrano ham from Salamanca, (ESP).
Suggested Pairing: Quebec blanc, Arinto, Saint Véran, Graves (Cht Haut-Brion), Rioja.
Pollo Loco

$2.75 | $15.75 (x6) | $30.85 (x12)

Chapon organic chicken from Canton de l’Est (QC), cooked with Guajillo Chiles (MX) on the charcoal.
Suggested Pairing: Paloma (fresca grapefruit), Malbec, Saint Véran, Grillo.
Txistorra & Quince

$2.15 | $12.30 (x6) | $24.10 (x12)

Organic “Txistorra” (chorizo) from Saint-Gervais (QC), organic quince from Cataluña (ESP).
Suggested Pairing: Le cidre, jura chardonnay vin, orange wine, trousseau, Hermitage.
Pig Ear

$2.30 | $13.20 (x6) | $25.85 (x12)

Organic pig ears from Saint-Gervais (QC), organic Maple syrup, organic smoked “Charapita” sauce from the Peruvian Amazon.
Suggested Pairing: -
Blood Pudding

$2.09 | $11.90 (x6) | $23.35 (x12)

Organic pig’s blood from Saint-Gervais (QC), cooked “de Burgos” style.
Suggested Pairing: Syrah, le cidre, bière.
Montreal Smoked ...

$2.50 | $14.20 (x6) | $27.80 (x12)

Melo’s Montreal smoked meat, gherkins & mustard.
Suggested Pairing:
Garlic Shrimp

$2.75 | $15.55 (x6) | $30.45 (x12)

Organic wild-caught Matane (QC) shrimps, fried garlic (QC).
Suggested Pairing: Regal D'automne, (Frontenac Gris), Chardonnay South, Rosé de Provence.
The Squid By Itself
Sold Out!

$2.40 | $13.55 (x6) | $26.55 (x12)

Organic wild-caught squid from Sri Lanka, cooked in its own ink.
Suggested Pairing: Albarino, bierzo, Chardonnay Lnaguedoc.
Codfish & Spinach

$2.15 | $12.30 (x6) | $24.05 (x12)

Organic wild-caught codfish, salted (NL) & spinach.
Suggested Pairing: Albarino, vino verdhe, pinot noir, Syrah.
Spicy Crab
Sold Out!

$2.85 | $16.10 (x6) | $31.55 (x12)

Wild caught Atlantic crab mixed with Kochujang paste.
Suggested Pairing: Beer Estrella (Malta Y arroz), Chardonnay North, Albarino, Montrachet, Blanc de Blancs.

$2.30 | $13.15 (x6) | $25.80 (x12)

Organic Poblano chiles (QC), sweet corn & coriander.
Suggested Pairing: Albarino, rouge Quebec, garnacha, viognier Australia.
Aged Cheddar
Sold Out!

$2.35 | $13.25 (x6) | $25.95 (x12)

Aged cheddar (QC), nutmeg.
Suggested Pairing: Le cidre, blanc Québec (Frontenac Blanc, Vidal), Mencia de Bierzo.

$2.10 | $12.10 (x6) | $23.70 (x12)

48 months aged Kimchi, aged cheddar, sesame oil.
Suggested Pairing: Garnacha, rouge Quebecois, Grûner Vetliner d’Autriche.
Blue Cheese Valdeón

$2.15 | $14.00 (x6) | $24.35 (x12)

Organic “Valdeón” blue cheese (ESP), organic garlic (QC).
Suggested Pairing: Quebecois red, albarino, Cabernet Franc Ontario.
Poblano, Gouda &...
Sold Out!

$2.30 | $13.20 (x6) | $25.85 (x12)

Organic Poblano chiles (QC), Gouda goat cheese (NL) & organic lavender honey (PT).
Suggested Pairing: -
Leche Merengada

$2.15 | $12.10 (x6) | $23.75 (x12)

Milk, cinnamon, raw sugar (MX).
Suggested Pairing: Rum and coffee.
The Munchie

$2.40 | $13.70 (x6) | $26.85 (x12)

Dulce de leche, confit lemon, coconut coated.
Suggested Pairing: Riesling Ontario, Limoncello, Creme de cassis les vallons de Wadleigh, cidre de glace, rum
Canadian Cheesecake
Sold Out!

$2.95 | $16.85 (x6) | $33.00 (x12)

Organic, Fleur D’Elisabeth, smoked cheddar (PEI), organic maple syrup (QC), lemon zest.
Suggested Pairing:

$7.50 | $ (x6) | $ (x12)

(Fermented Lemonade) This delicious fermented lemonade is the perfect accompaniment to a box of croquetas! (0.5L)
OMLT - Spanish T...

$19.20 | $ (x6) | $ (x12)

Weighing a generous one kilogram, OMLT’s authentic Spanish tortilla makes a delicious breakfast, lunch or brunch to share. This dish is one of the most traditional and renowned components of Spanish cuisine.
Coffee Dinamita
Sold Out!

$9.25 | $58.50 (x6) | $117.00 (x12)

Try our new cold brewed coffee!
Sold Out!

$12.00 | $72.00 (x6) | $144.00 (x12)

Traditional Catalan sausage. Made in-house, aged 30 days. Organic pork from our partners' farm in St-Gervais.

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